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what are screen printing, embroidery and transfers?

screen printing is the ancient art of creating a screen from the artist work which will allow an ink to pass through onto a surface so that the art can be duplicated multiple times. we continue that tradition with the help of computers and highly refined inks that we cure/ bake into the garments at 330 degrees so they will remain colorful after many washings.this process is most economical for large designs with few colors as it is priced based on the number of colors printed at each location.

embroidery is stitched directly into the fabric. the design must be digitized so that the embroidery machine knows which threads to stitch to create the desired effect. embroidery is priced by the number of stitches necessary to make the design regardless of the number of colors. this decoration method is best used for small colorful logos , typical of various organizations and placed on the left chest of a garments such as a denim, polo or jacket.

transfers are several different techniques which make images through the computer either printed with special inks or cut then transfered to the garment or other item with high temperature and pressure using specialized equipment. transfers are typically used for small volume or multicolor jobs where screen printing set up costs are prohibitive.

cut transfers work best with simple designs on dark fabrics. we set up the design in the computer and use a cutter to cut a vinyl material to shape then apply to the fabric. this is most often seen as numbers and names on sports jerseys but the designs are very flexible and create a very durable product.

dye sublimation is a process which uses special dyes as the ink and printed on a paper substrate. this dye only reacts with a polyester finish to produce a permanent non crack, non fade, no feel design on a variety of items that will outlast the product. we can reproduce full color photographs or multicolor logos or clip art at the same cost as single color.these too are applied at high temperature and pressure.we offer a variety of garments and mugs using this process. this technique was developed for the small volume/ high color applications.

do you have order minimums?

we do not have any minimum orders as such, but we do recommend that you order at least 24 pieces to get a good price. note: our policy is that we set our prices based on the total number of items you purchase at one time, regardless of style or sizes.

what is your lead time?

we like to have at least 2 weeks, plus shipping time, to properly process your order. we will work with you to meet your deadline if it is less than that (rush ordering if necessary).

what are your payment terms?

we ask for 1/2 down, and the remainder when you receive the finished project.

what kind of garments do you offer?

we can usually find the right garments for our customers because we know the industry and where to get them. in addition, we are able to get good prices thanks to volume purchasing. a good place to start is with our general catalog.

what about artwork?

we have a full-time graphic artist, and can take your work from just a rough idea to fully-developed graphics and turn it into art necessary for us to decorate your garment. we have about 1,000,000 pieces of clip art so we can pull together a design for you quickly. any artwork you can do will save you money!

screen printing options

screen printing options include: print size, placement, number of colors, range of colors and special effects.
we can scale your print to nearly any size from the artwork you send us from a typical 3 1/2" -4 1/2 left chest to a typical 11" x 11" full back.
we can place your designs where ever you want them but typically we do left chest, front center, back center, on either sleeve and bottom back.


this is available in a large variety of colors. add impact with additional color outlines and shadow effects. your logo can be reproduced in vinyl for added business identification.

reflective vinyl

maximize your visibility with reflective vinyl graphics and conspicuity reflective striping. higher visibility is the answer to safety concerns.


vinyl lettering can be applied to magnetic material for temporary vehicle applications. we recommend that you do not leave magnets on your vehicle for a long period of time because moisture trapped behind the magnet can cause rust to develop.

vinyl vs paint

commercial vehicles can make a big advertising statement. vehicle graphics advertise your business wherever you go. it will quickly pay for itself with new customers.

there are many advantages to cut vinyl versus paint. it is less expensive and lasts longer with a 5-7 year manufacturer's warranty. changes to your address and phone number are easy, without having to re-do the entire graphic. there is no drying time needed as with paint. vehicles can be driven away immediately after application.

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